Institutions are the standpoints of culture. The ancient cultural façade of antiquity which has reflected the
zenith of ancient heritage has truly been portrayed by age long institutions of repute. Regarding Jainism the famous Jain Bhawan,
situated P-25, Kalakaar Street, Kolkata has been a treasure trove of rich materials in Jainlogy. Jain Bhawan both as an age old institution in the propagation of Jainism and also intellectually spreading the pomp and grandeur of the eternal realisation along with publishing of trilingual research journals in Bengali, Hindi and English. Along with thism jain Bhawan has been engaged in qualitative publications all through the years. The Pralcrit and Jainological Research Institute has been a sub division of the Jain Bhawan which has been related with the enhancement of Jain studies. Jain Bhawan, stands as a colossus in the multi-institutional facade of Kolkata, dressed in its finery and scholasticism along with a view of restoration towards Dharma that is Jainism.

Jain Bhawan is a philanthropic organisation, dedicated to propagate, restore and develop the multifarious facets of Jainism and its global humanism. In today’s bullet ridden and blood stained world, where terrorism has created a holocaust in Global Peace and cultural development is alarmingly degrading, ‘Jain Path’ and the basic tenets of Jainism based on mutual cooperation, love &
non-violence is the only way to resolve these problems.

Jain Bhawan is a centre of religious harmony, restoration of Jain vestiges, Jainological research in the form of publications, journals and a place for the holy and revered monks & nuns of Jainism to study, Meditate and preach. It is an amalgamation of tradition & modernity along with an organisation to encourage the modern generation to come and Jain the great, sublime world of Jainology and Jaina Studies.
The year 2012, saw a big step in updating the publication division. The publication section of Jain Bhawan was attached with the International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which was allotted for each and every publication of Jain Bhawan. Similarly, the ISSN no. was issued for all the three research journals of Jain Bhawan updating it accordingly.